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Mathematical physics uses rigorous methods for describing and analyzing physical phenomena.

These pages are meant to coordinate an effort to offer more lectures on mathematical physics in Freiburg. Our goals include: teaching physicists to argue rigorously; present physics to mathematicians in a language natural to them; and in general approaching physical theories from a more modern point of view. Topics will be closely coordinated between the math and the physics institute.

Comments and suggestions for suitable topics - in particular from potentially interested
students - are highly welcome. Please contact David Gross (physics) or  Katrin Wendland (mathematics).


Summer 2013: Hamiltonian Dynamics

Course home page.

Summer 2014: Mathematical Structure of Quantum Mechanics

Course home page.

Summer 2014: Aspekte der komplexen Geometrie

Course home page.

Winter 2014: Monstrous Moonshine

Course home page.

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